Bruce Engel is brilliant lawyer and having knowledge of criminal legal concepts and a better understanding of client needs.I never think twice in referring clients to him. He is constantly reporting on new case law,and is very experienced about innovative places of law. He is a best Ottawa criminal lawyer and Ottawa drug lawyers, he is very straightforward ,understanding and of course,an excellent lawyer.

- TW

My brother got into a legal issue when he discovered the dead body of his departmental store colleague after getting into the shop in the morning. As there was no other witness to the incident, he got stuck in the legal issue. A very efficient Ottawa criminal lawyer from Engel and Associates had been with us all along through the troubled situations and finally my brother managed to get free from the troubles caused to him due to a false stigma on his professional life. My entire family is thankful to the complete team of lawyers from Engel and Associates.

- MH

Excellent defense attorney!!!! Dismissed a possession with intent to sale change in a flash!! I had to see the judge only once, all the other work done behind the scene by the lawyers. Elena Davies is perfect Ottawa criminal lawyer. Very professional!!! Great service!!! Experienced and knowledgeable!!! thank you for your advice and help.

- GE

Drug abuse is one problem that has taken people of a certain age group, living all over the world in its grip. There was a young boy living in my neighborhood who was suspected to have connections with drug peddlers. He was taken to the police station on the basis of allegations regarding his connections with drug peddlers. His parents went to the Engel and Associates for suggestions from Ottawa drug lawyers. The process worked as the drug lawyer managed to free him from all the allegations.

- MG

I had complained against some of my colleagues saying that they had assaulted me multiple times. Following the suggestions of a friend of mine, I went to an Ottawa assault lawyer from Engel and Associates. His invaluable suggestions helped me immensely in getting out of the legal issue. The guilty people got booked by the law. I also got freedom from daily tormenting caused by the people. I can go to office without any botheration of being attacked by those people anymore. Those people even threatened me of vengeful reactions from their end. However, finally they are behind the bars and I can sleep peacefully at home.

- VV

It is indeed very painful to see a childhood friend bringing up the issue of fraudulence against another childhood friend of mine. I hired an Ottawa fraud lawyer from Engel and Associates to sort out the problem. The issue got resolved fast and the friendship between the two fighting opponents was restored. I am thankful to the lawyer for all his efforts because both the people fighting the case were my friends. I am thankful to the lawyer, because he helped justice to prevail.

- JB

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